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Why ...
do you need
a book about SUVs and
4-wheel driving???

Because ...

Dodge Durango
                      Wrangler winched through the mud.
Because you're - shopping for an SUV or pickup.
Because you - want to learn more about the SUV or pickup you already own.
Because you're - an old hand at 4-wheeling, but want to pick up some more tricks and tips.
Because you - want to learn more about driving on snow and ice in any kind of vehicle.
Because you - want to know more about using off-road recreation to protect the environment.
Because you're - an RVer, and use a 4x4 to pull your trailer, or pull a 4x4 behind your motorhome.
Because you're - a 4x4 instructor and need a manual for your students.
Because you - want to explore outdoor recreation as a metaphor for the other parts of your life.
Because you - reserve the right to own and drive the vehicle you feel is safest for you and your family.

The Oro Grande campgrounds in North Central Idaho.
The Oro Grande Campground
in North Central Idaho
Book image

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