4x4 Driving Tips
Pinzgauer 710M.
The 710M Pinzgauer 4x4.
Courtesy Vince Sweeney.

The Subject:

   Pinzgauer Title      
The 712K Pinzgauer 6x6.
The Pinzgauer is the ultimate off-road vehicle.
The 710 is the 4x4 gas powered model.
The 712 is the 6x6 gas version.
The Pinzgauer comes as either a soft top:
      (the 710M and 712M)
Or as a hard top:
      (the 710K and 712K).
The newer turbodiesel models aren't available in the US.
The first Pinz came off the production line in Austria in 1971, and they are still being built today.
The vehicle is made by the people at Steyr-Daimler-Puch, who also make the Gelaendewagen.
Pictures of a rare PINZGAUER 6WD SUV-TYPE (712K).
Click here for details.


Specifications of the gasoline powered 710 and 712
The Engine:
    4 cylinder 2.5L air-cooled gasoline 90 hp.
    (The 115 hp 6 cyl turbo-diesel by VW
       is not available in the US).
    Fuel tank: 20 gallons.
    Fuel consumption: Gas engine 12-14 mpg;
       Diesel 20-30 mpg.
    Top speed: 710 4x4 - 68 mph; 712 6x6 - 60 mph.

The Drivetrain:
    Synchronized 5 speed manual transmission,
       shift on the fly.
    4WD with synchronized 2 speed transfer case,
       shift on the fly.
    Hydraulic OEM lockers on all differentials.
    Heavy-duty driveline.
    Portal axles.

Gear ratios:
    Both the 712 6X6 & the 710 4X4 -
      1st - 5.33:1
      2nd - 3.24:1
      3rd - 2.05:1
      4th - 1.3:1
      5th- 1.0:1
    Diffs: 2.84:1.
    Portal axles - 2.26:1
    The T-case is different:
                 710 4X4   712 6X6
      High    0.88:1          1.0:1
      Low     1.69:1        1.92:1
    Final drive ratio in low/low:
                 710 4X4   712 6X6
                    57.8:1      65.7:1.

Suspension & Weight:
    710 4x4 model-Independent coil on all 4 wheels.
    712 6x6 model-Independent coil on front wheels,
       leaf springs on the rear.
    Ground clearance, light load 15-17 inches;
       heavy load 13-15 inches.
    Fording - 2 feet, 4 inches.
    Approach/departure angle: 45/45 degrees.
    Climb angle: 100%.
    Sideslope: 40%.
    Turning radius: 710 - 34 feet; 712 - 40 feet.
    Curb weight: 710 - 4,300 lb; 712 - 5,200 lb.
    Payload: 710 - 2,400 lb; 712 - 3,300 lb.
    Towing: 710 - 3,300 lb; 712 - 4,000 lb.

Electrical system:
    24 volts.
    Two 12 volt batteries in series.
    Use 12 volt converter for small accessories.

Dimensions of the 710 4x4 and the 712 6x6:
    Length: 710 - 13'8"; 712 - 16'3".
    Height: 6'9".
    Width: 5'8".
    Wheelbase: 710 - 86.5"; 712 - 79"+39".
    Track: 4'8".
    Cargo area: 710 - 7'5" X 5'3"; 712 - 9'11" X 5'3".

Pinz engine.
The Pinzgauer engine.
Battery compartment.
The battery compartment.
   Comparison Dimensions of the Chevy Astro Van:
    Length: 15'9.8".
    Height: 6'3".
    Width: 6'5.5".
    Wheelbase: 111.2".
    Track: ?.
    Cargo area: 8'2.6" X 4'3.6" (to front seat).
    (Compared to the Chevy Astro, the 712 6x6 Pinz is
    5" longer, 9.5" narrower, and 6" taller. The cargo
    area of the 712 Pinz is 11.4" wider and 1'8.4" longer.)

Chevy Astro Van
Chevy Astro Van for comparison.
A Turbodiesel hardtop 6x6 Pinzgauer takes on a rockpile.
Pinz on rocks #1.              Pinz on rocks #2.
Pinz on rocks #3.              Pinz on rocks #4.
Pinz on rocks #5.              Pinz on rocks #6.
The British, Swiss, and Austrian military are some of the main buyers of these trucks. These vehicle have unmatched off-road capability. They have OEM lockers on both the front and rear differentials, making them true 4x4s (or 6x6s). The 712, with three axles and six wheels, allows locking of the rear four wheels, the front two wheels, or all six at once. They have super-strong drivelines and have greater ground clearance than a Hummer. The 710 (4x4) has independent coil suspension at all four corners; the 6x6 has leaf springs in the rear and has a one ton load capacity. They have portal axles, which increase the ground clearance, like a Hummer and Unimog, and send more power to the wheels. They are surprisingly easy to manuever. They are used by the military as troop carriers, communication vehicles, and equipment carriers. Civilian uses include service in fire fighting, search and rescue operations, and backcountry operations such as utility company maintenance work. 6x6 models are much harder to locate in the used vehicle market. Vehicles imported into the US must be at least 25 years old, in order to meet safety and smog requirements. In California, they must be 27 years old to meet smog exemption requirements.
EuroTruck Importers 712K.
The 712K Pinzgauer - courtesy EuroTruck Importers.
Pinzgauer 712K ambulance.
712K ambulance - courtesy EuroTruck Importers.
Pinzgauer 712K firetruck.
712K firetruck - courtesy EuroTruck Importers.
Pinz cab from the rear.
The Pinzgauer controls - courtesy Vince Sweeney.
   Pinz cab from the right. Pinz cab from the left.  

The two yellow levers are the differential lockers, which give the Pinzgauer true 4-wheel drive.
The green lever is the 4-wheel drive lever.
The red knob below, shifts from high to low range. All of these shift on the fly.
To the left of the levers are the heating and vent controls.
The black lever above that is the emergency brake.
To the left of the red knob is the regular 5-speed shifter.
The 710M, rearview.
Pinz with rear door open.
Pinz spare tire.
Rear bench seats up.
Rear bench seats up.
Rear bench seats down.
Rear bench seats down.

Side slope.
courtesy Vince Sweeney.
Thanks to Vince Sweeney for many of these fine photos. Visit Vince's Website and Pinzgauer bulletin board - click on the links on the HotLinks page of this 4-Wheel Freedom WebSite.
Thanks also to Sean Philyaw, of EuroTruck Importers, for the photo of the 712 ambulance and firetruck, and his 712K. Click on the link to Eurotruck Importers on the Hotlinks page.

Also visit Shep Shepard at the GT International website. The link is on the HotLinks page.

Shep Shepard's 710M.
710M - courtesy Shep Shepard.
Peter Farrer's 712M.
"Das Bot" - courtesy Peter Farrer.
Peter Farrer's 712M.
Camping with the 712M - courtesy Peter Farrer.
Willy Berchthold's 710M.
710M in the mud. Courtesy Willy Berchthold
of Swiss Army Vehicles.
Visit the WebSite through the Links Page.

Patrick Robb - 712M.
Zebra 712K, courtesy of Patrick Robb
Cold War Remarketing.
Visit the WebSite through the Links Page.

   Pinzgauer engine
Pinzgauer engine, courtesy of Scott & Kathy Ingham.
Visit their WebSite on the Hotlinks Page.

Intercomm setup for Pinz.
Abrahms tank intercom, adapted for the Pinzgauer.
Available from Cold War Remarketing.

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