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Drawing of Jeep in mud.   
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   Land Rover Discovery in mud.    
TIP #1:
Turn on your windshield wipers before slogging through a big mud puddle. The wipers may not be able to handle a thick layer after it accumulates.

TIP #2:
  If you think you may have to winch out of the mudhole backward, run your winch cable under your rig before you enter the sticky stuff. Hook it to your receiver or rear bumper. Then you wonít have to lie down full length in the mud trying to get the cable under your rig if you get stuck.

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   Jeep Wrangler splashing through mud.  
TIP #3:
  Itís generally best to avoid spinning your wheels when traveling off-road, but in mud you may have to use judicious wheel spinning to clean your tire treads so they can grip the mud and pull you forward.

TIP #4:
  Clean the mud off your rig as soon as you can after leaving the bog, for two reasons:
  1) The mud holds moisture against the metal parts of your vehicle, encouraging rust and corrosion.
  2) If you allow the mud to dry while caked on your driveshafts, it will throw them out of balance and can cause severe damage, especially when you get back up to speed on the highway again.
  See the Readers' Tips page for more good suggestions on mud-driving.

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