4x4 Driving Tips
Toyota Land Cruiser on Rubicon Trail.  
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  Jeep Wrangler on Rubicon Trail.
TIP #1:
Make sure you know where you're going. If you don't know what's over the top of the hill you're about to climb, get out and walk it first. Otherwise, you may get to the top and find yourself teetering on the edge of a cliff with no easy way down.

TIP #2:
If you lose momentum going uphill, DO NOT try to turn around. You'll probably roll over as you come around sideways on the hill. Get into reverse right away, and back down, using engine compression to slow you down.

  TIP #3:
If you lose traction going uphill on a soft surface, like mud, sand, gravel, or loose dirt, rock your steering wheel back and forth quickly, about a half a turn from side to side. This gives the front wheels more bite, and may keep you going.

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  Land Cruiser on the Rubicon. TIP #4:
Going downhill, stay off the brakes as much as possible. Use engine compression to slow you down. Shift to low range in the T-case and as low a gear as necessary in the transmission. Hitting the brakes risks locking them and allowing the rig to slip around sideways, possibly rolling you over down the hill.

  TIP #5:
If you have a rig with air conditioning, turn it off before going uphill. That may give you a few more horsepower to make the grade. But turn it on before going downhill, to make your engine work a little harder and slow you down more.
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