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Save Money!
Help the Environment!
Switch to AMSOIL!!
    Better gas mileage.
    Better performance.
    Cut your maintenance costs.
    Dealer prices available.

Dr. Brad DeLong is an
Independent AMSOIL Dealer.

For AMSOIL Information:
To Request a Free Product Catalog
AMSOIL Online Store
For Information On Becoming a Dealer
To Sell AMSOIL In Your Store
To Buy AMSOIL For Use In Your Business Equipment
AMSOIL Corporate Website

Amsoil Products
For your 4x4, truck,
RV, and car.
For your ATV,
and boat.
The first in synthetics.
The first for your needs.
   Hummer climbing out of a ditch.
4-Wheeling and Off-Road Driving Instruction:
   Ecological 4-wheeling Adventures   
Ecological 4-wheeling Adventures (ECO4WD) offer
4WD off road adventure tours and classes.
You may also download the
ECO4WD bi-monthly newsletter for FREE.
Check out the book, Shifting into 4WD,
by Harry Lewellyn.

   The Bridgestone Winter Driving School
Training in snow & ice driving, ice racing. Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Mark Cox, Director.
Bill Burke - 4-Wheeling America
Personal and group off-road instruction, 4-wheeling expeditions.

Harold Pietschmann - The Adventure Company
4-wheeling expeditions and training at all levels.

Tony Scotti - The Scotti School of Defensive Driving
Training in evasive driving and executive protection.

UFWDA 4WD Safety Awareness Clinics - The United Four Wheel Drive Associations sponsors a series of 4-wheel driving clinics, run by their member 4x4 clubs at various locations and times throughout the US. They also run a 4WD instructors' training clinic at the Land Rover off-road course in Lanham, Maryland. Visit this WebSite formore information.
Rod Hall International, Inc. - Off-road racer Rod Hall offers extensive instruction in off-road driving and racing. He features Hummers in his off-road instruction and runs a Hummer dealership for new and used vehicles in Sparks, Nevada. For more information, visit his WebSite.
4-Wheeling Equipment:
   LA Wheels Direct: Wheels & Tires Shipped to Your Door
   Your internet wheel & tire source, specializing in American Racing wheels, Motegi Wheels, Motto wheels, Riax wheels, Nitto tires, BF Goodrich tires, Yokohama tires & more. We also offer package deals shipped directly to your door. Visit: LAWheels Direct for more information.

   Increase Horsepower on your Import or Domestic Car - The horsepowermods.com car modification cd contains everything needed to turn your stock street car into a tire burning rocket! Visit us today to learn more. Visit: Horsepowermods.com for more information.

   Off Road Recovery sells high quality recovery gear, including MileMarker and Warn winches, the Black Rat winch, air compressors, Hi-Lift jacks, Safety Seal tire repair kits, recovery straps, tire deflators, and much more. And their prices are great! Visit their website at: OffRoadRecovery.Com for more information.

ORO X-Line
Off Road Only sells a great synthetic winch cable. They call it "X-Line." It's made of Technora, a linear aramid fiber product that not only has great strength but also great heat resistance. Other synthetic winch cables do not stand up well to the heat generated by serious winching, but Technora retains its shape and strength past 900 degrees F. Replace your dangerous and unmanageable wire winch cable with the Technora X-Line. If it breaks, it falls safely to the ground. It won't whip around and injure or kill someone, like wire rope can do. Click on OffRoadOnly.com to learn more.
   Premier power welder logo The Premier Power Welder
The Premier Power Welder is a great under-the-hood welder for Arc, Heli-Arc (TIG), and MIG welding. It makes on-the-trail repairs easy. It also provides AC current to run your power tools off-road. Visit the Premier Power Welder WebSite to purchase this indispensible item. Mention "4-Wheel Freedom" and get a free "Premier Power Welder" cap.
   Pull-Pal logo
The Pull-Pal Winch Anchor
The Pull-Pal winch anchor provides a firm anchor for winching out of difficult situations. The Pull-Pal is made by the Premier Power Welder people. Don't leave the highway without one. Visit the Premier Power Welder WebSite to purchase the Pull-Pal and the under-the-hood Premier Power Welder. Mention "4-Wheel Freedom" and get a free "Premier Power Welder" cap.
   The Premier Power Welder people provide great technical support for both the under-the-hood welder and the Pull-Pal winch anchor. Visit www.premierpowerwelder.com to purchase either of these indispensible pieces of equipment. While you're there, look at their other fine products, including the PT-10 POWER TANK, the Painless Dual Battery Kit, and others. The PT-10 POWER TANK will air up forty (40) tires (32") from 15 p.s.i. to 30 p.s.i. in 20 seconds each. It will run a 1/2" impact wrench for 20 minutes. Don't forget to mention "4-Wheel Freedom" to get your free "Premier Power Welder" cap.
   Defender 90 in Mirror Alley, Moab. 4x4 and Off-Road Recreation WebSites:
4x4 Action and Accessories - Hi Dust 4x4; multiple links to a host of exciting 4x4 websites.
4x44U.Com - news, videos, products of interest to the 4-Wheeling Community.
The BlueRibbon Coalition - The main networking group for off-road recreationists. Join today! It's only $20/year.
The Land Use Network - The off-road recreationists' and activists' gathering place. Join the Land Use email Network.
The Mining Company's 4-Wheel Drive Section - Lots of information about 4x4s and links to manufacturers' sites.
Off-Road.Com - A huge amount of 4x4 and off-road stuff, including the Off-Road email Network.
People for the West - A grassroots organization sponsored by the nonprofit, nonpartisan National Coalition for Public Lands and Natural Resources (NCPLNR). It encourages public lands users and private property owners to unite and foster a moderate approach to land management, balancing environmental protection with economic growth.
Tread Lightly! - The original ecologically oriented off-road recreationists' organization. Membership is a bargain at $20 a year. Join today.
UFWDA logo. United Four Wheel Drive Associations - The alliance representing most of the 4-Wheel Drive Clubs in the US. A Class I Individual Membership is only $20 a year. It sponsors a number of events each year, including the 4WD Safety Awareness Training Program. Join this organization!
4x4 Reviews - One of the newest off-road and 4x4 WebSites, reviewing vehicles and products.
   Pinzgauer 710M. Vince Sweeney - imported Pinzgauers, Unimogs, Land Rovers - in Roanoke, Virginia. Visit Vince's WebSite and see what's available. Visit the Pinzgauer page on this 4-Wheel Freedom WebSite, in the 4x4 Tips section.
Vince Sweeney's Pinzgauer bulletin board - post your questions or share your knowledge about Pinzgauers.

   EuroTruck Importers - Pinzgauers, Haflingers, Unimogs - located in Georgia. Vehicle sales and links to other interesting Unimog and Pinzgauer websites.
   Pinzgauer 710M.
GT International - Southwest Unimog and Pinzgauer - in Arizona. Unimog and Pinzgauer sales by Shep Shepard.
Pinzgauer engine
S&K Expedition Imports - Pinzgauers and Unimogs, refurbished by Scott and Kathy Ingham in Benicia, CA. Scott and Kathy know the ins and outs of importing vehicles to California.   
   Cold War Remarketing - Military vehicles of an amazing variety, along with plenty of parts and accessories, from Patrick Robb. Patrick Robb's 712K.   
   Patrick Robb's 712K.
Swiss Army Vehicles - Pinzgauers and Unimogs from Willy Berchthold, who also has lots of spare parts available for your replacement needs.   
Four Wheeler Magazine
Military Vehicles Magazine
Land Rover Discovery in the mud.
   Jeep Wrangler on Rubicon Trail. Books, Videos, & General Interest:
Bill Burke - 4-Wheeling America - Unstuck - excellent video on vehicle recovery.
James V. DeLong - Property Matters: How Property Rights Are Under Assault and Why You Should Care A MUST READ for anyone concerned about what's happening to private property in this country.
James V. DeLong - The New 'Criminal' Classes: Legal Sanctions and Business Managers - A shocking revelation of how over-regulation in this country is making it impossible for any business, large or small, to be in compliance with the current laws and regulations. We are all becoming criminals, subject to arbitrary prosecution and imprisonment at the whim of the regulators. Does this sound farfetched? Read this monograph!!
Irene Lamberti - The Aerobic Prayer Video Series. Worshipping and spirituality through movement. "Come - Dance the Song of Your Soul!"
Paladin Press - Books and videos for the discerning adventurer.
   Animation of GIF Construction Site.   
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Animated picture of Jeep.

   4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving. By Dr. Brad DeLong. The definitive book on 4x4s, off-road recreation, and all-weather driving. Available tollfree at 1-800-4X4ROAD (494-7623). Copyright Symbolcopyright Dr. Brad DeLong 2003