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  Jeep in snow with Brad, Irene, Hershey Dr. Brad DeLong lives in Idaho, along with his wife, Dr. Irene Lamberti. They are outdoor enthusiasts, along with their four dogs, Cinder, Abby, Freckles, and Java. They use 4-wheeling to access the beautiful land that they love. They are avid hikers and campers.
Irene is a chiropractic physician and Brad is a retired neurosurgical spine specialist. Together they created the Orofino Spine Center, where Irene practices chiropractic in Orofino, Idaho. Brad continues to do medicolegal evaluation for spinal and neurosurgical cases and is pursuing a career as an author. He's written "4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving" and has published his first novel, "Voices of the Living Grail," both available on Amazon.com.
  Brad did spinal surgery at the Saint Mary's Spine Center in San Francisco, where he was the neurosurgical spinal consultant for many years.
K-Blazer on the Buffalo Hump Trail  
  Blazer on the canyon rim at Buffalo Hump Brad wrote 4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving to encourage 4x4 owners and enthusiasts to use their vehicles to access the peace and solitude offered by the backcountry of our land.
  He supports environmentally friendly off-road recreation.
When "4-Wheel Freedom" was written, Brad's rigs were a '94 Chevy K-Blazer and an '87 Jeep Wrangler. Click on "4-Wheel Freedom Rigs" for more technical information about these vehicles. He now drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the off-road package; a Ford diesel 3/4 ton extended cab, long-bed pickup, with a 9,000 lb Warn winch; and a Yamaha 450 Kodiak ATV.

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  4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving. By Dr. Brad DeLong. The definitive book on 4x4s, off-road recreation, and all-weather driving.
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