by Brad DeLong
  STILL #1. The BESTSELLING 4WD and Off-Road Recreation Book!
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  • Learn how to get unstuck in any situtation.

  • Learn how to drive on snow, ice, rocks, water, mud, and sand.

  • Learn how to choose the SUV or Pickup that's best for you.

  • Learn how to Tread Lightly! when you're on rough trails.

  • Learn how to protect your family with 4-wheel drive.


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    "Brad DeLong has hit a home run with this book. 4-Wheel Freedom leads the reader step by step through all aspects of off-road travel, with a wealth of pertinent information for beginners and seasoned off-road adventurers alike." Mark Cox, Director, The Bridgestone Winter Driving School at Steamboat Springs.

    "...a mini encyclopedia about the art of four-wheeling...Five separate chapters cover driving off the paved path and provide information worthy of any 4x4 training course in the country. The chapter on winching is more comprehensive than some the owners' manuals we've seen...Our impression of 4-Wheel Freedom is we wish we had written this book." 4-WD & SPORT UTILITY MAGAZINE.
    4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving. By Dr. Brad DeLong.
    The definitive book on 4x4s, off-road recreation, and all-weather driving.
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